Rise and Return

The Manor

Ragnarov and Harper entered the house to find it empty, not only of people but of virtually all valuables and staples. Searching the household, the sacked rooms of the family were discovered as well as the Manor Lord’s study, the family portrait and a hidden priest’s hole which had a strange large tunnel in the back that appeared not part of the original design.

The duo ventured in and discovered the network of an underground tunnels. Doors and traps slowed the searching of this labyrinth but they eventually found a room filled with devices and mechanisms of torture, rooms with manacles chain to the walls, and most horrifically, the bones of the Lord, his family, and almost a dozen others. Skeletons and shades, tortured in death as they were in the final moments of their life, set their anger to Harper and Ragnarov. A struggle was had but thankfully the undead were released from their bonds and our heroes took a rest to regain their strength to continue on.

Continue on they did and found a cell holding three Umber Hulks . The two chose not to engage the creatures and instead explored more of the caverns. A muffled screaming caught their ears and following the sounds, they discovered a shaft leading to a room where the voice was coming from. Investigation showed a broken and bloody half-orc who told them of another of his group who was taken. With his dying breath he called the one missing Sargent Major and Lelundra. The half orc proved one of a group of the King’s Army, all in various states of decay. With a new quarry, the two set out in search of this Sargent Major Lelundra.

She was indeed found in what appeared to be a room of importance, clasped to a column with a caged apparatus around her and dressed in a ceremonial robe of sorts. She was taken from her bonds which proved to be a device of pain and she set to the task of regaining her armor. No sooner than she strapped the last piece on that the restless souls of the Lord and his family sought vengeance. The battle was hard won and almost cost Harper his life but a tenuous victory was earned. The trio now stands gathering breath and a moment’s rest.


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