Rise and Return

Ethed Found

The pair of adventurers reach the town of Enmoor to find it far more quiet than one would expect for a town of its size. Finding no one to question in the streets and the guards more than wary of their roaming, Harper and Ragnarov make their way to the inn which they are told is in the Holy District. They come across the tiny establishment which bears the name of The Boar & Wolf. A one-armed and well scarred Dwarf male named Lindi runs this tavern and after many pleasantries and the gift of a valuable sapphire from Harper, Lindi tells all he can about Ethed. Wary of the other patrons, not knowing which allegiance they may hold, Harper and Ragnarov feigned resting until the time specified where their quarry should arrive to take his fill of drink.

Almost precisely on schedule Ethed burst onto the scene making, what was gathered as typical, demands. Four guards were with him and all carried a heavy air of superiority and terrorized the tenants as much as their master.

Harper made an attempt at befriending the guards to gain information or at least the upper hand though ultimately his slightly feral nature proved too much to make truly charming conversation. A quick spell charmed three of the four into being congenial but ultimately violence broke out.

Ethed was bested, his guards killed, and dragged into the alley for questioning. Once all information they were going to pry from him was received, Lindi was beckoned and given leave to dispatch the oppressor. The Dwarf decapitated the source of the town’s infection in a swift and sure blow. Lindi hardly missed a beat and summoned the patrons from earlier who quickly set to dispose of the body in an unknown location and manner.

With the key to Ethed’s usurped mansion found, Harper and Ragnarov set their minds to searching the place for any further clues to the dragon cult’s plans and their involvement with the Drow.


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